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Guide to classic men’s shoes

Welcome to our guide to classic men’s shoes. Shoes have come a long way from their purely functional beginnings. They certainly still perform the critical function of protecting our feet but whether or not that is secondary to looking great is up to debate. What is not debatable, however,  ...

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Best Mens Cologne of all Time

Fashion designer Tom Ford said that “good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman.” We can’t help you with the good manners but we can definitely help you with the good cologne by giving you our list of the top best smelling colognes for men. Before we begin, let’s  ...

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Awesome Wallets for Men

Some guys accessorize. Some don’t. Others accessorize minimally – perhaps wearing only a watch. Wherever you fall on the men’s accessory spectrum, at a minimum, we’re betting you carry a wallet. Thanks to their practicality, wallets aren’t always thought of as accessories – a  ...

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How to Wear A Fedora

There are few accessories that exude class and style quite like the fedora. While it may not have quite the influence that it did in the first half of the 20th century when Prohibition era gangsters and Frank Sinatra were setting the style trend, and doing it well, we might add, it’s fair to  ...

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