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Mens dress boots 2018

The men’s dress boot and it’s variants have come a long way since the early days of foot wear. Today we are faced with a plethora of different styles spanning different eras and generations. Boots that were once designed for a practical purpose are now worn for comfort and style. So how do we start our men’s dress boot guide of 2018? Where to begin? Here we have gone and wrapped some of the most popular and timeless styles ever worn on a man’s foot. We designed this  ...

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Types of suit fabrics

Men’s Suit Fabric Types Today, a suit refers to a multiple-piece set of clothing that is usually the dressiest or nicest thing in a man’s closet – unless he owns a tuxedo. While there are different types of suits, the most well known is a business suit and typically consists of 2 items – a jacket and pair of pants. However, dressier suits consist of a third item – a vest, or waistcoat. The name itself, suit, has its origins in a set of clothing that consists of even more  ...

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The 9 Best Nose Hair Trimmers Money Can Buy

Why Grooming Should Be Your Priority It’s a beautiful, clear, and crisp sunny fall day as you stroll down the street on your way to the office with your double shot pumpkin spice soy latte. Your beard is looking spot on because of our guidance with the perfect beard combs and brushes. All of your work documents and electronics are secure and safe in your stylish messenger bag. Damn, you look good! You’re ready to conquer the world. But wait! There’s one thing you forgot about: Those  ...

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The Best Leather Satchels For Men that will make you feel like a boss

10 of the best Cool leather Satchels and why you need them Time was that the mere thought of a man carrying anything that remotely looked like a purse was taboo. How many of you have been shopping with your girlfriend or wife and she wanted to try on some clothes? What’s the first thing they do? Hand you their purse! They disappear behind a door leaving you standing there holding this foreign object between thumb and forefinger like it’s some toxic poison or dead animal. Now, we’ve already  ...

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