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Types of suit fabrics

Men’s Suit Fabric Types Today, a suit refers to a multiple-piece set of clothing that is usually the dressiest or nicest thing in a man’s closet – unless he owns a tuxedo. While there are different types of suits, the most well known is a business suit and typically consists of 2 items – a jacket and pair of pants. However, dressier suits consist of a third item – a vest, or waistcoat. The name itself, suit, has its origins in a set of clothing that consists of even more  ...

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Guide to classic men’s shoes

Welcome to our guide to classic men’s shoes. Shoes have come a long way from their purely functional beginnings. They certainly still perform the critical function of protecting our feet but whether or not that is secondary to looking great is up to debate. What is not debatable, however, is that there is nothing stylish about wrapping animal skin over our feet, as our ancestors once did in the Ice Age. Nor is there anything stylish about the early sandals that our later ancestors  ...

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