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The Beard Growth Products That Work and the ones that don’t

Beard Growth guide: The Beard Growth Products that work

Roughly a decade ago, yet another trend entered society and for the most part has displayed some real staying power. Whether or not beards have the stamina of say, blue jeans, is yet to be determined. However, 10 years on, not only have we seen an increase in beard popularity, we’ve also seen an increase in beard length. So much so that there is now a large demand for beard growth products that work.

Among these products are beard oils which are responsible for the job of moisturizing your facial hair and the skin underneath. The best beard oils will come packed with well-known conditioning elements such as coconut oil, grapeseed, or jojoba oil. You can also find beard oils with hempseed and safflower oil which are intended to address issues with the skin under your beard.

While the exact length and cut will vary based on the taste of the grower, nearly everyone will agree that, like the hair on your head, a beard should be well-maintained. Because you have little control over which direction your hair grows, a quality beard comb is necessary to get it all going in the same direction, especially once you have established some growth. Combing your hair will also help the longer hairs to stand out which accomplishes two things: it’s easier to trim and it looks fuller.

You probably won’t need a lesson in shaving but now that you are sporting a beard, it may be time to up your shaving game, specifically on your neckline. Consider using a straight razor. A straight razor is kind of like a classic car. You don’t need one to get around but it sure does look cool. It might take some practice but you’ll feel like a champ once you figure it out.

Are there any products that help promote beard growth?

It’s important to remember that genetics play a large role in how your beard grows. Therefore, any beard growth products that work aren’t necessarily causing your hair to grow. Rather, they are promoting hair growth by caring for your skin and the beard itself.

Before considering beard growth products, ensure that you have a proper diet with plenty of protein and all of the essential vitamins along with adequate sleep and well-managed stress levels. Also, studies show that smoking can hinder your potential to grow a beard. Being healthy can improve your chances of growing a compliment-worthy beard.

The ideal place for growing a beard is a clean, properly moisturized, well-exfoliated and diligently manicured face. Yes, growing a beard is manly and the notion that using products on your face is not manly is outdated. If you’re serious about growing a legit beard that looks great, be prepared to moisturize, trim, pluck and apply.

Skin Products

moisturiser for men
Using a moisturiser is critical for beard growth

Hopefully, at the very least, you are already washing your face regularly. Clean skin encourages hair growth. However, if you’re washing with bar soap, or something not designed specifically for your face, you might be drying out your skin and doing more harm than good. Make sure you’re using a mild cleanser twice per day.

At least once per week, exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating minimizes the chances that you will have ingrown hairs as well as help to get rid of any ingrown hairs you may have already. This is accomplished during exfoliation because it strips away dead skin cells, dirt and oil that may be clogging your pores. Find a good facial scrub, yes like the one your girlfriend uses but don’t worry, they make them specifically for men and it’s one of the essential beard growth products that work.

Finally, after you have washed and exfoliated, you’ll want to keep your skin moisturized. Dry skin is a less than ideal place for hair growth. Moisturize every time you wash your face. It is believed that a moisturizer with eucalyptus may help your hair to grow faster.

Beard Products

The best beard oils will treat the beard as well as the skin below. The biggest danger to your beard is you. The itchiness, occasional dandruff and the probable patches of thin or no hair are going to frustrate you and tempt you to shave. Don’t do it.

There are products that can sooth the itch while also moisturizing the skin and treating the hair. While you can’t do a lot about the hairless patches you can still maintain the rest of the beard and hope it fills in over time. Dandruff is embarrassing whether it’s from the hair on the top of your head or from the hair on your face. The right beard oil can treat the dandruff while simultaneously caring for the other aspects of your beard.

Take the time research and read beard growth product reviews to find the beard oil that is right for your skin as well as your beard. It’s understandable that you won’t want to have ten products for your face so finding the right ones are important.

Does beard oil help growth?

Beard oil helps growth in a variety of ways, some of which have been touched on in the previous sections. Perhaps most importantly, beard oil will keep your skin and your beard moisturized. This accomplishes two critical things: it eliminates dandruff and prevents split ends. Yes, now you can commiserate with your girlfriend when she complains about her split ends. The reality is that split ends look bad and they are a telltale sign of unhealthy hair, something you want to avoid when growing your beard.

A daily requirement whether you are growing your beard or not, washing your face can strip away essential oils but the best beard oils can help to restore some of what you lose while also providing other oils, like coconut oil and jojoba oil, that actually go beyond moisturizing and promote hair growth.
The effect from using beard oil will likely be noticed immediately or within the first few applications. Not only will you notice the difference between moisturized and dry skin, something which will make growing a beard infinitely more comfortable, but you will also notice a shine to your beard. You may find that your otherwise coarse beard feels slightly softer. This can help to eliminate beard-itch.

Additionally, because it’s important not to shave or trim at all for the first several weeks to several months, it might take some time before your beard really starts looking good. While you’re waiting to be able to trim and sculpt, keeping a healthy shine and dandruff-free beard is about the limit to what you can do to make it look nice. But don’t underestimate the effect, it can make a world of difference.

Maintaining a long beard

a long beard

If you have managed to weather the itchy stubble and have fought through the urge to shave, then you should be well on your way to your dream beard. Once you already have an established beard, it’s time to simply maintain. Even if you have reached that desired length and are already trimming regularly, the maintenance will never really stop.

Waiting as long as possible before trimming is pretty important because you will find that not all of your hair grows at the same time. Waiting 1 ½ to 2 months gives those slow-to-grow hairs a little more time. You never know, there may yet be improvement in that patch that never seems to fill in.
Initially, you will likely find that once you have established some length, your beard may be uncomfortably stiff. Don’t worry, it will become softer and if it needs some help, consider applying argon oil or beard wax. There are other beard growth products that work to soften your beard and are necessary for a long beard.

Even if you’re not the type to comb the hair on your head, you’re going to want to comb your beard. In addition to getting all of the hairs to go the same direction, you never know what might get caught in your beard. If you’re not fresh from the shower, during which you hopefully shampooed your beard, a comb through might reveal pieces of breakfast or any number of things.

Finally, if the itch is just too much for you and you can’t find a beard oil that soothes the itch, consider a 1% hydrocortisone cream typically used for rashes or allergies. That should provide the relief you are looking for and it’s available without a prescription.


With all of the choices and all of the hair, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Don’t be deterred. Growing a beard requires much more patience than it does product, but if there has been one thing that you take away from this article, it’s that both are important. While we can’t help much with the patience part, except to say that it’s well worth the wait, we can help with the product. Check out our beard growth product review to find out the best beard growth products that work.

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